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Government Of Assam Guwahati Development Department

Mission Flood Free Guwahati

  • Activities of GMDA

    • Implementation of Water Body (Preservation and Conservation) Act 2008 and development of water bodies in and around Guwahati city to increase the retention capacity has been taken up by GMDA which shall significantly address the urban flood mitigation.
    • GMDA is constructing alternate storm water drains for diverting the storm water away from the city to effectively minimize the water logging in the low lying areas of the city.
    • GMDA has also installed 18 nos Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) in eighteen locations around Guwahati city in consultation with NESAC and funded by ASDMA.
    • GMDA has procured and installed 20 nos of Auto priming MF Pumps to draw water from vulnerable inundated areas of Guwahati city. The pumps placement and operations are now looked after by GMC.

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    Activities of GMC

    • Excavation and de-siltation of the 5 primary drainage channels: Bharalu, Mora Bharalu, Basistha, Bahini and Lakhimijan
    • Maintaining the channels concerned with the pre-set cross-section achieved after the accomplishment of the excavation and de-siltation.
    • Cleaning, garbage clearing, and de-siltation of all feeder drains within Guwahati City through contractors (for 277 numbers of drains in the form of 30 numbers of packages) and through own staff (for the rest of the drains).
    • Once total cleaning of the drains is accomplished, the bed level of the drain shall be kept free from silt and garbage.
    • Removal of any clogs in the drains during high intensity rains 24x7 using mechanical/manual means.
    • Solid Waste Management so as to keep the water channels and inner drains garbage free.

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    Activities of Guwahati Smart City Limited

    The proposed component under Area Based Development in Smart City Proposal under Smart City Mission is:

    • Bharalu and Mora Bhoralu rivers
      a. Improvement/ Redevelopment of Section of existing River/Drain
      b. Installation of Solar System
      c. Installation of Bio-digester/Biological Treatment Plant
      d. Improvement of junction and Enhancement of pumping capacity
    • Development of Deepor Beel and Borsola Beel
      The new green eco-corridor of the city will promote a variety of transport options which includes motor boat, shuttles solar boats, and other facilities i.e. waste water recycling, solid waste management, smart parking etc. The entire area is been designed as a car-free pedestrian zone with traffic-calmed, pedestrian prioritized abutting streets which also can extend into possible pedestrianized streets adjacent to the site.

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