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Government Of Assam Guwahati Development Department

Smart City Project

What is a 'Smart City'?

Urban planners ideally aim at developing the entire urban eco-system, which is represented by the four pillars of comprehensive development-institutional, physical, social and economic infrastructure. This can be a long-term goal and cities can work towards developing such comprehensive infrastructure incrementally, adding on layers of ‘smartness’. The Government of India intends to transform 100 Indian cities into Smart Cities. Guwahati was one of the twenty cities to be selected in the first round of smart cities challenge.

The Guwahati Smart City Project

Guwahati has incorporated a special purpose vehicle (SPV) – Guwahati Smart City Limited (GSCL) (the 'Authority') to plan, design, implement, coordinate and monitor the smart city projects in Guwahati. GSCL is a company incorporated under Indian Companies Act 2013 with equal shareholding from Govt. of Assam. The basic objective of the assignment is to support GSCL to Development of proposed ABD Modules and PAN City proposal. TCE will provide strategic, advisory, liaising, consultancy and project management services to support GSCL in planning, designing, implementing and monitoring Area Based Development Project under the Guwahati smart city proposal.

The SPV has been established on 11th May 2016. Also, Total authorized capital of SPV has proposed Rs. 400.00 Crore and total paid up capital of the SPV is Rs. 378.00 Crore. As per the Government of India, the total proposed cost for Guwahati smart city is around Rs. 2296 Crore; which includes Area Based Development (ABD) cost is approx Rs. 1579 Crore and Pan City cost are approx Rs. 622 Crore.

This progress report for the project titled “Project Management Consultant (PMC) to Design, Develop, Manage and Implement Smart City Projects, Guwahati, Assam” for which the work order was issued by GUWAHATI SMART CITY LIMITED on 10th November 2016.

Resource Detail

Key Members of Board of Directors

  1. Mr. V. K. Pipersenia - Chairman
  2. Mr. K. V. Eapen - Director
  3. Mr. V. B. Pyarelal - Director
  4. Mr. M. G. V. K. Bhanu - Director
  5. Mr. Shiv Pal Singh - Director
  6. Mr. Syed Isfaqar Rahman - Director
  7. Mr. Ravi Kota - Director
  8. Dr. Madhaiyaan Angamuthu, I.A.S. - Managing Director

Key Members of Guwahati Smart City Limited

  1. Dr. Madhaiyaan Angamuthu, I.A.S. - Managing Director

Key Members of GSCL’s PMC

  1. Mr. Sanjay Verma - Urban Planner cum Team Leader
  2. Mr. Vipin Bharadwaj - Infrastructure Specialist
  3. Mr. Sohan Kumar - PPMS Expert
  4. Mr. Anuj Gupta - e-Governance Specialist
  5. Mr. Ajay Sharma - Urban Finance Specialist
  6. Mr. Aloke Roy - Support Engineer
  7. Mr. Praveen Kant Verma - Landscape Architecture
  8. Mr. Ravi Kumar - Urban Planner
  9. Mr. Jagdish Shivraj Shige - ICT Expert
  10. Mr. Sintu Das - Support Engineer
  11. Mr. Simanta Burman - Support Engineer
  12. Mr. Ritesh Kumar Jaiswal - Support Engineer

Project Brief


Retrofitting of Contiguous area of 696 acres of connected water bodies of the city, which includes the Borsola Beel, Mora bharalu river, Bharalu river, Brahmaputra riverfront development and Deepor Beel wetland- is planned to be taken up under area based proposal.


The Pan City proposal will focus on using an ICT-based application to meet the specific targets of sustainable development goals for Guwahati i.e. Making Cities and Human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. Some components are ICT-Based Transport System, Development of a hydraulic information system, installation of GPS, Wi-Fi network, etc

Other Projects (Proposed from GSCL)

Apart from ABD and Pan City Projects, we are keen to look forward towards other proposed projects under GSC to enhance smart solutions and area reorganization of Guwahati city. Few others have been proposed as per SCP RFP of Guwahati Smart City.

Project List

Area Based Development

S. N.Project Details
1Development of Borsola Beel (Lake)
2Mora Bharalu River
3Bharalu River
4Brahmaputra Riverfront Development
5Deepor Beel (Lake/Wetland)


S. N.Project Details
1ICT- Smart Poles & OFC
2ICT- System Integrator
3ICT- City Operation Centre Building
4ICT- Improvement of Roads/Footpath/Traffic Junctions (Package 1)
5ICT- Improvement of Roads/Footpath/Traffic Junctions (Package 2)
6ICT- Airport Road

Other Projects

S. N.Projects
1Gandhi Mandap - Guwahati Prime Hill Site Redevelopment
2GIS Mapping
3ATW (Any Time Water)
4Roof Top Solar Mission (Govt. Building)
5Smart Bio-Toilet
Other Projects (Proposed as Per SCP RFP) – II
 Bus Stop Wholly developed by the Private organizer (100%) on BOT Model
 Smart Road- PWD (World Bank Funded)

Guwahati Smart City Mission Allotment Status

Central Share
(Rs in Crores)
State Share
(Rs in Crores)
(Rs in Crores)

For More Information

Guwahati Smart City Limited (GSCL)
Statfed Building, Bhangagarh
E-mail: mdsmartguwahati@gmail.com

Learn more at the Guwahati Smart City Limited and the Smart Cities Mission, Govt. of India websites.